An Epic Detour
Junmanee Cadenhead
Junmanee Cadenhead

Geoscience in the Himalayas

I realize now that I’ve been so busy throughout the year focusing on my studies, work, and worry that I never had the time to live in the present and just appreciate the world around me. It seems that these moments of tranquility only come around while I’m in the mountains. Bear Mountain, Mt. Tom, the Alps and Annapurna, my sweet escapes. So far my time in Nepal has been packed with trekking, reading books, doing worthwhile field work, and meeting new friends from all over the world.

I only have a month left here before uprooting again and moving to Hawaii. I hope that this change in pace from the stress of a women’s college to paradise will continue when I start classes at UHawaii in August.

Outside my window is the most spectacular view of the peaks of Annapurna. There is something so sweet about sipping instant coffee in the wee hours of the morning while reading Milan Kundera and Haruki Murakami novels that just puts me in a state of bliss. It’s been almost a month but my jet lag has stuck with me for the better.

Junmanee Cadenhead
Gloria Steinem at the Women in Public Service Project
Junmanee Cadenhead
Five Smithies

Women in Public Service Project

The day has finally come! 48 delegates from around the world have arrived  to take part in the Women in Public Service Project held at Mount Holyoke, Simmons, and Smith College over the next two weeks. I’m working at the institute as one of the four Smith Student Ambassadors and everyday I’m introduced to the most remarkable women in the world. 

Ivy Day
Junmanee Cadenhead

Finals are over and at last its starting to feel like spring at Smith College. Perhaps I just need to stop and smell the roses more often, but it seems as though just overnight the grass has turned green, the flowers have bloomed, and the boathouse has finally sprung into action.

This weekend some of my favorite Smithies will be graduating. Ivy day and commencement are coming up soon. too soon.